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Lymphoscintigraphy (Sentinel Node Detection)

This test is used to locate the sentinel lymph node prior to breast cancer and melanoma surgery. It involves between 2-4 injections around the area of interest which contain particles which travel along the lymphatic channels and into the lymph nodes. Images are taken of the body in order to pinpoint the lymph nodes for your surgeon.

Preparation: Nil
Test Duration: 1 hour
Are there any after effects: No

Clinical Indications:

  • Sentinel lymph node detection prior to breast cancer surgery
  • Sentinel lymph node detection prior to melanoma surgery

This demonstrates sentinel node localisation prior to breast cancer surgery. The sentinel node was located in the left axilla.

These two images demonstrate sentinel node localisation prior to melanoma excision surgery. This patient had a melanoma on the right cheek.

Our SPECT/CT cameras are able to provide an accurate measurement of the depth and location of the sentinel node.

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Lymphoscintigraphy (Lymphedema)

This test is used to diagnose suspected upper or lower extremity Lymphedema. A total of four injections are given to the hand or foot (two for each side) and imaging commences straight away to trace the lymphatic channels. We look at the rate of travel and for any blockages. The scan usually takes an hour though further imaging out to 3 hours may be required.

Preparation: Nil
Test Duration: Initially – one hour. Then you may need to come back up to 3 hours later.
Are there any after effects: No

Clinical Indications:

  • Suspected Lymphedema

This demonstrates left leg Lymphedema.

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