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In111 Octreotide Study

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In111 Octreotide Study

Neuroendocrine tumour of the pancreas with liver metastases. Multiple liver procedures including resection of much of the right lobe with cryotherapy as well as hepatic artery catheter therapy. Recent CT scan showed multiple hepatic lesions.
Scan Appearance:
There are multiple areas of increased tracer uptake in the liver. Prominent lesions are seen in the right lobe, just anterior to the upper pole of the right kidney, dome of the right lobe, several small lesions in the midline,3 lesions in the lateral left lobe and a further lesion in the lower right lobe at the level of the lower right kidney.
A prominent focus is also seen just anterior and closely related to the upper pole of the left kidney.
Tracer distribution throughout the thorax and abdomen is normal.
The absence of the spleen is noted.

Scan Findings:
The scan demonstrates multiple hepatic metastases of neuroendocrine tumour.
This patient may be a suitable candidate for treatment with high-dose octreotide.

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